Version 0.6 ( 01.12.2016) – minor UPDATES

Some reported problems are already fixed with the 0.6 version. Changes:

The most important are:

  • facebook comments to every quizz
  • 3 different styles of displaying the user_ picture ( circled image, squared ( default ) and rounded )
  • minor changes to the admin panel
  • fixed sidebar at quizz.php


  • added several functions regarding admin panel
  • fixed sidebar function


  • added facebook comments to every page
  • new sidebar titles / quizz blocks and now the images have fixed size

Admin area

  • tables now have bolder and blue text
  • added welcome page ( still in dev )
  • several functions for count the images stored at the folders
  • fixed delete quizz/ delete result functions
  • some minor changes regarding icons, text placeholders and so on



Version 0.5 ( 27.11.2016) – minor UPDATES

Next update is shedulled for 1 December – including major updates about the admin panel. Maybe the whole admin panel will be rewritten for better UX.  Core.php / seo.php and ads.php will be enabled for use.

We fixed some major bug about  the Facebook Share Button. During the debugging tested the script on different hostings and the problem is resolved. However, some shared hostings could possibly have problems when parsing  the DATA:IMAGE into png at the results page including the savefile.php

  •   Fixed edituser.php
  • Added delete quizz with proper image unset
  • Added redirrect when quizz is created / deleted
  • Add nav.php for holding the menu in all pages ( index / quizz / results )
  • Small adjustments to the admin panel
  • Fixed a bug causing image to float left on mobile devices

Version 0.4 ( 10.11.2016 ) – MAJOR UPDATES

As Promised, We are happy to announce the first ( but not last ) major update. A lot of new stuff is added.


  • Completely redesigned – minimal layout
  • Using 3 cols / 4×3 ( bootstrap layout ) for the quizz panels
  • Removed the button Play, instead you can click / hover on the quizz block
  • Added big wide AD block on the index page
  • Main color is now Blue
  • Index.php reindented
  • Fixed a bug causing the menu in phone view to float left

Quizz.php Page

  • Completely Redesigned to fit with the new results / index page
  • Added better button icons for LOGIN/ PLAY
  • Fixed a problem causing the website in tablet / phone view to float left
  • Added Sidebars with awesome heading titles
  • The quizz block is now inside an another panel and holding two ADS  – top and bottom
  • Code refactored
  • No more echoing <divs> in the while loop for the mysqli query



  • Fixed sharing image
  • Fixed a bug causing the result title not showing
  • Fixed the jquery loader
  • Added Sidebars for ADS / Random Tests
  • Added Top / Bottom AD Panels
  • Code refactored



  • added function called RandomSidebarTests($count)  – accepting 1 parameter – $count which is the number of quizzes being shown in the sidebars. Using “ORDER BY RAND()” for randomize the results from the MySQL query
  • additional files removed from the script
  • code refactored for easier reading
  • /assets/ folder no more exist in the admin folder – now all files are structured in /assets/
  • Added nice popup messages for displaying success or error during some admin CRUD operations
  • Handling image uploads more secure








Version 0.3 ( 07.11.20016 )

      • fixed bug causing image not showing
      • fixed bug causing result not bind to the desired quizz ID
      • added pages for future development
      • fixed bug with the coordinates of user friends