Some cool features We are planning to offer at the final version:

Quizz Post Types, Videos, Pictures, Random Test, and so much features

Skeleton is almost ready for the DB , lets check some of the features we`re going to implement:

Every Quizz Type will have:

  • quizz_id ( unique, AI )
  • quizz_title
  • quizz_description ( now WYSIWYG editor! )
  • quizz_image ( again some JS visual image changes )
  • quizz_results_count
  • quizz_times_played ( With that feature we can provide a page  or sidebar with most played tests!
  • quizz_author ( check below for Roles – EVERY  REGULAR USER WOULD BE ABLE TO Publish content ( videos, photos, or tests, polls, etc ->  ofcourse after approve by Admin / Moderators )
  • quizz_status ( approved / pending)
  • quizz_points ( Yes! We can force users to play more tests and earn some points, with this You can make sidebar / page with top players, etc)
  • quizz_date_published


Every User will have

  • Special Profile page with Nice url like:
  • We are going to save : email, first name, last name, locale, gender, age
  • Communicate with other peoples with messages ( Maybe )
  • Add Tests to favorites


Multilanguage Support is planned also

Check out how a blank page looks like  at the Final Version!

Lets talk about what its planned to release on the next week.


  • Translate –  this is actually almost finnished on localhost, just want to fix some issues. Its not multilanguage support, We can just give you fields on the admin panel for translating front / admin pages and replace all variables / input with desired one.
  •  Small fixes to the database structure for easier migrate to  some new cool features.
  •  Facebook comments to all quizzes ( not results ) . This is also ready, just looking for a better layout / view options.
  • Some User Account Control related to the core users ( admin users ), maybe adding accounts for publish quizzes / results, but not possible to delete them. Still in development, probabbly not gonna be released next week
  • Fixing / Adding some fancy Jquery animations during the quizz – result stage


Leave a comment and tell us what You think


As Promised, We are happy to announce the first  major update. A lot of new stuff is added. You can expect next week another major update – We`ll focus on the Core / Admin functions for better performance.



Version 0.4 ( 10.11.2016 ) – MAJOR UPDATES


  • Completely redesigned – minimal layout
  • Using 3 cols / 4×3 ( bootstrap layout ) for the quizz panels
  • Removed the button Play, instead you can click / hover on the quizz block
  • Added big wide AD block on the index page
  • Main color is now Blue
  • Index.php reindented
  • Fixed a bug causing the menu in phone view to float left

Quizz.php Page

  • Completely Redesigned to fit with the new results / index page
  • Added better button icons for LOGIN/ PLAY
  • Fixed a problem causing the website in tablet / phone view to float left
  • Added Sidebars with awesome heading titles
  • The quizz block is now inside an another panel and holding two ADS  – top and bottom
  • Code refactored
  • No more echoing <divs> in the while loop for the mysqli query


  • Fixed sharing image
  • Fixed a bug causing the result title not showing
  • Fixed the jquery loader
  • Added Sidebars for ADS / Random Tests
  • Added Top / Bottom AD Panels
  • Code refactored


  • added function called RandomSidebarTests($count)  – accepting 1 parameter – $count which is the number of quizzes being shown in the sidebars. Using “ORDER BY RAND()” for randomize the results from the MySQL query
  • additional files removed from the script
  • code refactored for easier reading
  • /assets/ folder no more exist in the admin folder – now all files are structured in /assets/
  • Added nice popup messages for displaying success or error during some admin CRUD operations
  • Handling image uploads more secure

After so many delays finally we are Online again with a brand new script written from scratch. We are preparing for the first major update next week, and here are some of the features we planning to set:

  • 1 click Installer
  • better SEO Settings
  • Awesome DASHBOARD admin panel with all needed statistics
  • AD Panels


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